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Welcome to the Employee and Candidate Services

Contractor Services

  • Our business provides a personalized subcontracting service geared to your needs.
  • A billing split recognizing your professional service needs.
  • Quick invoice processing with a net-day in-keeping with services being provided.
  • Support to manage your work in-progress and time utilization, whether under BuyandSell, ProServices, TSPS, TBIPS, or the THS forms of contracts, SA supply arrangement or SO standing offer processes.

Employee Services

  • Employment made simple via our many short and long term placements.
  • Matching your skills and interest, with a client job opportunity selected for you.
  • Portable Security clearances to enable your pursuit of the many job opportunities you wish to explore.
  • Quality roles serving our clients, at a personalized wage, commensurate to the work required.

Information Services

  • Security clearance updates.
  • Referral to other qualified positions.
  • Resume tips.
  • Testing to qualify your skill level.
  • Employment and subcontracting related documents.


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