Service areas

At Prologic, we bring a legacy of 50 years in offering unmatched staffing and contracting-out services, meticulously crafted to meet the needs of both private and public sectors. With a deep commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusivity, we are steadfast in our pursuit of employment and pay equity objectives, ensuring a workplace that celebrates diversity and offers equal opportunities for all.

Discover the wide spectrum of staffing solutions we offer, each designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

Professional Personnel

  • Engineers: Entrust your projects to seasoned engineers with expertise in a range of disciplines.
  • Scientific Support: Avail top-notch support staff to augment your scientific research and development endeavors.
  • Finance & Auditors: Secure your financial operations with experts who bring precision and accountability.

Business Process Re-engineering Personnel

Revamp your business processes with experienced personnel, steering your organization towards efficiency and growth.

Technical Personnel

  • Mechanical: From seasoned mechanics to experts in machinery, find the right fit for your technical needs.
  • Inspectors: Ensure the highest standards of quality and safety with experienced inspectors.
  • Geomatics and Military Personnel: Harness the potential of professionals with specialized training in geomatics and military operations.

Health Services Personnel

Benefit from a roster of professionals well-versed in providing a range of health services, ensuring well-being and safety at all levels.

Consulting Professionals

  • Policy Advisors and Strategists: Shape your organizational policies with insights from seasoned advisors and strategists.
  • ATIP Consultants: Navigate Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) regulations with expert guidance.

Temporary Help

Find temporary assistance that matches your needs perfectly, be it:

  • Administrative and Clerical Support
  • Publishing and Communications
  • Records Management

Embark on a Journey with Prologic

Choose Prologic for staffing solutions that echo a rich legacy of trust and a forward-thinking approach, embracing diversity and innovation at every step.